Tooth Tooth Maison Kyu Kobe Kyoryuchi 15th

I ended up at Tooth Tooth Maison when my plan to visit E.H. Bank  restaurant in Kobe fell short because some rich bastards had rented the whole place for a wedding party.   I scanned the street and spotted this beautiful renovated house which turned out to be the new headquarter of the Tooth Tooth pastry empire.

Tooth Tooth is an institution in Kobe and its pastry can be found pretty much everywhere.  I had previously visited the Tooth Tooth main patisserie which is a pretty classy place, but this new address is just over the top.

Once we got in, we were immediately told that there was a 30 min wait to get a table.  After a quick glance, we decided that it was well worth it.

This is the first floor room and I really felt bad for gawking like an idiot foodie, but everybody was shooting pics right and left.

This residence was sumptuously renovated.

We went up these stairs after about 20 min and the fun began.

The second floor is much better than the first floor because it feels like a private residence. It has a smaller room were we sat and a bigger room.

The place is charming and very comfortable.

The menu is pretty short with only a few cakes on offer. They all look delicious anyway…

We decided to go crazy and ordered the colonial set for two.

The first tier has a selection of small savoury canapes mix with some sweet stuff.

The second tier is all dessert.

The third tier is also all dessert and I noticed a progression in sweetness.

This colonial set is not cheap at 3780 yen for two, but you also get all you can drink tea.

I would strongly recommend drinking tea at Tooth Tooth despite the fact that they have the most expensive Kalita automatic dripper system available.  I ordered  a darjeeling and my wife ordered a really nice almond and vanilla tea.

The desserts all seem to have been made on site.  I won’t go unto a detailled description of each elements, but as a whole, it was pretty awsome.

This simple puff pastry was divine!

I ended up my afternoon tea with this decadent chocolate cake. (sorry for the dirty plate)

Tooth Tooth Maison is a great place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of an another era. It’s a miracle that a house like this survived the war and a earthquake.

The colonial set is not cheap, but if you like sweets it is well worth it.   We found out on our way out that this is also a restaurant and the dinner menu looked pretty amazing.  If you have tried the dinner at Tooth Tooth Maison, don’t hesitate to write a comment about it.

I would also like to mention that the service at Tooth Tooth Maison is world class. The attention to details is maniacal and the service is friendly and precise.

Tooth Tooth Maison Kyu Kyoryuchi 15th


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