Toushinden Yakiniku

Toushinden Yakiniku is located on route 30 not too far from route 2, if you are familiar with Okayama, this is the road that goes to Tamano.   It most definitely not centrally located, but it is worth the bike ride, the bus ride, the walk or anything that will get you there.   It was so good, I would probably go on a pogo stick if I had to.

Toushinden speciality is horumon udon which could be translated to udon noodles with offals.  Horumon udon is actually a B-1 gourmet speciality from Tsuyama in the North of Okayama Prefecture, but the one offered at Toushinden can easily compete with the original.

The recipe is pretty simple: lot’s of meat that most people would not consider eating, soy beans, cabbage, udon and a generous amouth of sauce.

The result is spectacular!

The portions at Toushinden are huge.

The sauce at Toushinden is intense.  It’s simple, it’s tasty and you will want some more.  The offals were fresh, soft and tasted pretty darn good. I know this is an acquired taste, but please don’t shy away, they really know their stuff.

The restaurant is very old fashion and the staff were a nice bunch of very talkative old ladies.

They also have tables with chairs

I plan to go back there really soon. If you have a chance and you want to try an Okayama speciality, Toushinden is the place to go.



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