Tweet Rocka

When I got to Tweet Rocka, which is only a short walk from the historical center of Kurashiki, I asked my wife:
-Are you sure this is a coffee shop?
-Yes, look at the sign, it says Coffee.
-Oh well…

Tweet Rocka falls into the category of almost invisible places which often are the most surprising.

The interior of Tweet Rocky has nothing to do with the exterior.   It’s a collection of vintage furniture which brought me back to my very early childhood in the 1970.

The owner of Tweet Rocka is also a fan of reggae and ska music and he boast an amazing collection of LP and some really nice vintage sound systems.

If you like old turntables, this is the place to visit.

It’s a great place to relax.

The owner had an amazing collection of vintage audio magazines which I spent a great deal of time perusing.

We had a great cup of coffee with a chocolate cake.  I forgot to write down the origin of the coffee, please forgive me, I was just to busy looking at old speakers. The coffee was poured over in a nel drip.

Apparently they have a rotation of coffee, but the owner would not reveal his roaster.   The cake was quite nice.

Tweet Rocka opens late in the afternoon and closes pretty late, so it’s a great place for an evening coffee.

Just look for the coffee sign!

Tweet Rocka

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