Union Bread Kurashiki

 Union bread is not open anymore… they closed down in March 2017.  
Union Bread has been for a couple of years my go to place in Kurashiki for great bread, but I somehow never posted anything about it. It’s not too late to recommend this great little bakery built inside two shipping containers.

I had a chance to meet the owner of Union Bread at Cafe Rico Roastery where we talked about coffee, bread and music.  The owner of Union goes to Fuji Rock every year to sell coffee and this year he bought a brand new La Marzocco Linea for the occasion.

We also talked about sandwiches which were recently added to the line up of amazing bread. They only have one type at a time and today was home made pickles, camembert cheese, pickled tomatoes.

Really nice!  The cafe latte is also really good and cheap at only 300 yen!   The owner of Union Bread has a small custom made roaster in the back of the shop and roast his own blend of espresso.

Good stuff!

The bagette and the sourdough are both delicious.

The inside of Union Bread is modern and minimalist

So, if you miss the bread from back home and you get sick of typical Japanese soft crusted bread, head to Union.  The shop is not exactly close to the station, but if you drive, they have a parking.  By the way, there is a great record shop next door.

Union Bread Kurashiki


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