Valentine Roti in KL

My wife and I discovered roti canai in Melaka in 2014 and I’ve been craving this Indian flatbread ever since. After Googling roti + Kuala Lumpur, Valentine Roti seem to be the #1 roti Kuala Lumpur. We took a cab to this modest roti restaurant to figure out if they were as good as everybody was saying or they were genius at boosting their SEO.

Roti Valentine is a good 25  min walk from the Petronas Towers.   I would recommend taking a cab there. The sidewalk in front of Valentine Roti was under construction when we visited.

Roti are made with flour, water and fat and the preparation is nothing short of spectacular. The dough is stretched by hand and flipped on a table before being cooked on a hot plate.

Watching the roti being made is hypnotic.  The dough is stretched paper thin.

The result is a fluffy and crispy bread served with a dhal (lentil curry) and some other curry depending on the shop. This is the roti canai, the simplest and cheapest of their roti.

Pure happiness on a plate!   We ordered a roti egg which was a bit soggy.

A roti garlic which could kill a vampire right on the spot.  It’s good, but the amount of garlic was a surprise.

Knowing that it was our last chance to eat roti, we ordered bunch. Everything was delicious, even my young 1 year son enjoyed this meal.

The roti canai is only 1.50 ringgit which is around 0.35$ US.   That’s a hell of a good deal for something so delicious.

We also ordered on portion of nasi lemak.

The staff was friendly and patient.   If you visit Kuala Lumpur, Roti Valentine is well worth the detour.

I associated roti with breakfast food, but Roti Valentine opens at 5 PM. I will most definitely return to Valentine when I visit Kuala Lumpur. If you have a favorite roti, don’t hesitate to share.

Valentine Roti

Stor No. 1, Jalan Semarak, Opposite Menara Celcom, 54000 Kuala Lumpur