VCR Kuala Lumpur

The rain could not stop me making the one kilometer hike from my hotel to VCR coffee shop. Since we only spent one day in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to hit to coffee shops in the same day. Pulp in the morning and VCR in the afternoon.



VCR is located in a renovated house on a smaller side street.  The house is painted in black to clearly contrast with the white house next door. I have to say, I am impress by the look of these coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur.

First impression: these guys are serious about coffee and desserts.

The coffee shop is beautiful.

The second floor is wide and luminous. Sadly, all the table were taken.

I ordered a drip coffee, a flat white and a banana cake. The beans were roasted by Has Bean from London and I opted for a coffee from Guatemala. I must confess that I was in a weird third wave masochist mood that day.

My coffee was made using an aeropress and it turned out to be an acidic, weak yet flavorful brew which I drank with a grimace on my face. I must come to term with the fact that my palate is not cut out for this weak acidic madness.

My wife flat white in the other hand was delicious.

 The cake which was name The King turned out to be a show stopper. Wow, what a great banana cake, with a nice layer of banana and a peanut butter glazing. It was so worth it!  I wanted to try the lime pie but I have very limited stomach real estate during this trip.

I decided to give VCR a second chance to wow me with their espresso. They pulled a great shot which was bright, fruity and acid.  It’s the second strike of this third wave madness. If acidity makes you quiver with excitement, order away.

I extend my invitation to the people of VCR to come visit Japan and taste how good a darker roast can be.

The King was so good that on our back from Ipoh, we stopped just to eat a piece. This time we ordered two flat white.


VCR is a place with a passionate staff, great service and an amazing decor. And of course, the home of the KING.



2 Jallan Galloway