Wake Pizza King

Wake Pizza King looks like a big city restaurant that would have gotten lost in the countryside of Okayama Prefecture. Pizza King is proving once again that great food can be found in odds places in Japan.

Wake is a small town divided by a river and surrounded by interesting rock formations.  The town is not too far from Bizen and is reachable by train.

Wake Pizza King is owned by an Iranian chef and he certainly built himself a beautiful restaurant which reflects his heritage.

Big windows, very bright space and an attention to details makes Pizza King a very hospitable restaurant. The beauty is often in the details and I kept noticing nice little touches everywhere.

The pizzas come in only one size (30 cm) and they can easily feed two. The ingredients are really fresh and the toppings are very generous.

The menu also has some really delicious pasta dishes which are baked in the pizza oven.

On this visit, we ordered the half and half pizza which is a special and a sea food pizza combination.   The special has sausages and lot’s of veggies while the seafood one is topped with shrimp and squid.

We also ate the pesto gratin which had a rich white sauce mixed with pesto and plenty of veggies.

The pizza is really well made and with a distinctly onion and green pepper taste. I am constantly craving pizza and Pizza King is certainly a place where I would eat again despite being  addicted to the pizza at La Cenetta in Kurashiki which is 100 % traditional Italian inspired.

I also recommend the Iranian chai which is served with dry fruits.

If you are anywhere near to Wake in Okayama, go and try Pizza King. The restaurant is right across the river a couple minutes from Wake station, just look out for the pizza shop with the Iranian flag.


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