Wantan Mee on Lebuh Chulia, Penang

Come night time, this famous wantan mee stall was easy to spot. It was easily the busiest stall on Lebuh Chulia street.

If you are new to Penang, it’s in front of the Regent furniture shop which is almost right across from the Mugshot Cafe.

As soon as we got there, we got a table and very patiently waited for our order to come. The stall was swarmed  from all side and many locals were picking up to-go orders on foot or on scooters.

If you like street food, you need to try this stall.   These two guys are my hero. I wish I could have brought them back to Japan with me.

Our wantan mee came after 15 min and it was a thing of beauty. Slices of pork, wantan, great noodles and deep mysterious sauce.   My wife started having regrets about ordering a small portion after the first bite.  But we ended up going twice before we left Penang, addictive to say the least.

I doubt the locals cared much about the fact that Anthony Bourdain visited this stall for his show. I was probably the only Bourdain fan boy that night in a sea of locals who only went there for the amazing taste.

Thank you for the amazing memories…

Wantan mee on Lebuh Chulia  on the corner of Lebuh Carnavon(they set up in the evening around 6PM)

This is the map for the Mugshot cafe, but the stall is almost in front of it.