Westvleteren XII Trappist Beer

I recently  read an article in La Presse about Westvleteren beer which has the reputation of being one of the hardest to find beer in the world and I just had to find a bottle.

I found a way to get my hand on one of the special box set which the good monk decided to sell in order to finance some renovations at their monastery in Belgium.

The next day, I received my box set of 6 bottles and 2 glasses.   Unless you can order this special box set online, the only way to get your hand on this beer is to call the monks and pick it up yourself in Belgium.

The Westvleteren XII has a 10.2% alcohol content and it has a beautiful copper color and a super rich taste.  The beer is a bit sweet and fruity.

The beer will keep for a long time and it’s my intention to enjoy these remaining 5 bottles for special occasions.

If you can’t find it, the St. Bernardus beer is similar in taste and much easier to find.







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