About two years ago, my wife took me to a restaurant called Always on the border of Kurashiki and Soja and I was simply blown away by the quality of their bread. On my way to the bathroom, I saw a poster for a bakery and I dragged my wife to see the poster, this is how I found Industry Bakery which lead me to Witches coffee shop which are both located in Soja almost in front of each other.

It was raining really hard that day, but I insisted that we drive right away to the bakery where I ended up buying bread and bagels.   Back then, this was pretty much the closest thing to heaven.

On my way out of the bakery, I noticed a sign for Witches coffee shop.  My wife asked them where it was located and they pointed across the street next to the Miyazaki Shoten bookstore.

Witches turned out to be a small and modern coffee shop which serves pretty much the same menu that I loved  at Always.

I have been there on many occasions to eat a sandwich which can be eaten on a baguette, ciabatta or bagel.

Their brownies are simply to die for and the coffee is not bad at all.

They have a really nice pouring station on display but they don’t offer drip coffee yet.

Witches is a great place to relax and browse through their design or cooking magazines.

The shop is not located anywhere near Soja station, but it’s possible to bike from Kurashiki if you are really genki and the Kibi bicycle path is only a couple km away.

The bakery has some good bread and sweets.  Please notice that if you buy for more than 1000 yen at Industry, you can get a free beverage at Witches across the street.

It’s a  weird chain of events which brought me to Witches, but go and see the place for yourself if you are around Soja.



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2 thoughts on “Witches”

  1. Thanks for this tip. I’ll check it out.
    Here is a tip for you since you like bakeries and good coffee. The bread shop is named “Union” and it is Kurashiki in a small ‘complex’ made out of recycled shipping containers. There is Union bakery, a used clothing store, and Green House CD/LP store.
    Union has only four seats but their bread is fantastic. The best I have had in Okayama. The portions are generous. The coffee is delicious. It is run by some very friendly young people.
    Directions: the 429 from Kurashiki to Soja – as you are going to Soja go past the turn off to Soja. About 100 metres later you’ll see a Circle K convenience store. Next to the Circle K is Union which is blue.

    1. Thanks Chris for the suggestion. Union has indeed some really good bread, I’ve been there 3 times and I really like this place. It’s pretty easy to miss!

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