Yamau Coffee Stand

By Luc Gougeon

Yamau coffee stand is located right the heart of the Bikan historical area of Kurashiki a short distance from Ivy Square and the Ohara Museum.

Yamau offers an espresso based menu.

The shop design itself  combines cement blocks, concrete and beautiful planks of wood into a minimalist yet traditional decor.

The Marzocco machine is at the heart of this shop.

The beans are from 31 Coffee located in Tamano. The barista was a bit evasive about my inquiry, but I will try to visit 31 Coffee in the future.

I ordered a latte.  Yamau only offer to go cups. The latte itself was quite good and balanced.

Heart shape latte art.
I ended up ordering an espresso shot.

If that shot would have been in a proper cup, it would have made a world of difference.  There is always something weird about an espresso shot in a paper cup.

Yamau is a great addition to the growing Kurashiki coffee scene.

Getting more out of Life with Good Coffee is a good way to describe the experience a Yamau. I am looking forward to see how this small business will mature.

Yamau Coffee Stand


5-4 Honmachi, Kurashiki