Yamauchi Udon Shop

My quest for Sanuki udon has taken me to great little shops all over Kagawa prefecture and Yamauchi udon shop is definitely worth the drive.

Yamauchi is located not too far from route 32 just outside of Kotohira city. Route 32 crosses the island of Shikoku from Marugame to Kochi and it’s a spectacular drive along side the Yoshino river. The area is famous for it’s remoteness and white water rafting.

Despite being isolated, Yamauchi is a busy shop.  We visited during Obon weekend and the shop was packed and it was difficult to find a place to park.

The menu has 3 types of udon: hot, cold and a brothless version. I tried the three types, but I prefered the brothless version which I ate with  green onions, some freshly greated ginger and a dash of soy sauce.

The quality of the handmade noodles speaks for itself. The noodles are a bit thicker than usual and they have a nice bite to them.

The broth is fish based and minimalistic and you can be ordered from scalding hot to luke warm.   This simple broth brings forward the quality and taste of the udon.

I added Yamauchi to the places I try to visit when I cross the bridge to Shikoku.   If you ever travel on route 32, Yamauchi is a great place to stop and enjoy handcrafted Sanuki udon.

Do you have a favorite Sanuki udon shop?

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