Yoroi Tempura

Yoroi Tempura is located in a residential area of Okayama between two busy streets and it’s one of these places where you feel like you are lucky to be eating such great food in such a secretive spot.  Somehow, Japan is not a place where location is key, if the food is that good, people will just get there. By the way, yoroi means armor in English.

The restaurant opens at 11h30 and they have a parking lot across the street if you drive there.   Arrive early!

We were the first customers, but in less than 10 min the place was full.

Yoroi is visibly a family business and the father knows how to prepare amazing tempura.

I ordered a set which had anago and scallop.

The scallop was just perfect and it’s a great deal for 1500 yen.

My wife ordered a smaller set without the anago which is only 1000 yen.

Great taste and texture.  Everything is made to order and served burning hot.

Perfect lunch, really good service and I can only strongly recommend you leave the center of Okayama for this nice little restaurant.  The restaurant is located really close to Yamaya Liquor Shop and Banca Coffee roaster.

Yoroi Tempura

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