Yoshida Farm

I was drinking coffee at Union Bakery in Kurashiki when I met a nice French couple who recommended Yoshida Farm cheese and there is no way in hell I  can say no to cheese. If you believe that Japan is not a country for cheese, you should keep up reading.

Yoshida Farm is located up North in Okayama Prefecture in the Kaga District, a short distance from the Enjo rest area on route 429. There is no easy access to the farm, but it’s a really nice drive.

The bucolic charm of Yoshida Farm worked instantly on me and since good cheese starts with good milk, I was happy to see a bunch of these.

These Brown Swiss cows looked pretty happy.

The store at the farm is just a tiny counter.

I ended up buying camembert cheese.

This is one nice camembert, right?

We also bought a caciocavallo cheese which is in the same family as provolone cheese.

Both cheese turned out to be delicious.

The camembert had an incredible aroma and taste for just 800 yen. The caciocavallo is a very interesting cheese but it’s certainly not cheap.

Yoshida Farm also has ricotta, raclette and mozzarella.

Yoshida Farm



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