Yuen Kee

Chinese restaurants in Kobe are everywhere according to a jaded local resident I met during a meeting, but I was excited to find Yuen Kee (圓記) down a dark alley not too far from Motomachi station.

 The small restaurant was busy when I got there after 8PM. I found out about Yuen Kee in a magazine a while ago and it was on my go to list.

A busy restaurant offering dim sum and congee is my kind of place. I’ve been trying to find such a restaurant for a while. I quickly noticed that the two chefs were making everything on an order basis.  They rolled out the dough and steamed in front of us.

I ordered a meat ball congee.  I discovered congee in Malaysia, ate some really nice one in Hong Kong and the one at Yuen Kee hit all the right notes.

The congee was 950 yen and the meat balls were steamed to order.

I was tempted to order some dim sum, but since I was alone and I had a craving for wonton soup, I decided to just order the soup and wait for a next visit when I am not alone to go crazy with the dim sum.

This was a great wonton soup with delicious shrimps.  The soup was simple, the noodles just right.

The chef at work. You can see the steam table in the second picture.

I will go back there as soon as I have a chance to visit Kobe. I really like the fact that the restaurant is a good distance from the touristy Chinatown. If you know any good places in Kobe, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Yuen Kee 圓記

兵庫県 神戸市中央区 下山手通 3-4-5 新興ビル 1F